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Fairlady Z33

Fairlady Z33

Year: 2002

Mileage: 120K Color: Grey

Price: $15000

AC, CD, ABS, Bluetooth,TV

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Fairlady Z33

Fairlady Z33

Year: 2003

Mileage: 119K Color: Pearl White Price: $14000

AC, CD, DVD, Bluetooth, HID

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Year: 1987

Mileage: 159K Color: White

Price: $14900

Fully equipped, AC, CD

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Subaru Impreza


Year: 1993

Mileage: 110K Color: Red

Price: $19900

Half Leather Seat, AC, HID

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Fairlady Z33

Fairlady Z33

Year: 2005

Mileage: 149K Color: Black

Price: $14000


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Carry Truck

Carry truck

Year: 1997

Mileage: 90K

Color: Grey

Price: $4700


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